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2024 ~ 2020

These are samples from the project work I've completed over the years. For a more extensive catalogue, please check out the PROJECTS tab!





2D Artist, UI/UX Designer & Texture Artist

Feb. 2024 - Aug. 2024

In Cute Cat RPG, you engage in playful and non-violent combat encounters where your cat team clashes using silly fun! Instead of spells or swords, the cats use cat-themed moves. These range from classic nose boops to laser pointers to antics like disco dancing, food fights and more. Think about moves this way - if you’ve seen a LOL cat video, the designers probably considered it for a move. :)


Created over 50 costumes custom made for the player model, properly segmented and ready for animation

Made 100+ custom patterns for several types of cats, based on genetic fur pattern research with the goal of variety and formatted to be colored with an in-game shader

unnamed project

2D Artist & UI/UX Designer

May. 2024 - CURRENT

This is a visual novel set in a parellel version of modern day USA, in a fictional town funded by a weathy man. In this world, the pharmaceutical industry is collapsing after health care was made accessible to all, and this has created a gold rush to find a new drug that can be patented and sold. Our 8 main characters happen to be impacted, living their school lives until they find out the school's big secret and are forced to take the matter into their own hands!This project has been on my plans for a while, and I've decided to bring it to life with my friend Marcus! We're still very early in development, there's still a lot to be done!



2D Artist & UI/UX Designer

Sep. 2022 - Apr. 2023

Polysemous is a psychological horror game which takes place in a spaceship that suffering of outbreak of a mysterious hyper generative disease that has ravaged the colony. As a medic, Cecilia must now escape and rescue as many survivors as she can.

Working with a team of 4 people, we were given a year to make and finish this game well much as possible, and I am very proud of how far we've come. I am responsible for the majority of sprite art as well as any icons, UI, character designs, items, etc.


love at first fright zine


Project Leader, Community Manager & Cover Illustrator


Love At First Fright is a LGBT+ collection of illustrations and comics that depict monster girls in romantic situations. It was sold as a magazine to a small audience of 50 customers, along with merchandise such as stickers and professional prints.


Email — Limerousart@gmail.com
Discord — @limerous


Hello !

My name is V, I am a Brazilian artist that currently resides in Ontario, Canada! I specialize in video game asset creation and illustration work with a focus on semi-realism and pixel art.I am a Game Design student at Conestoga College, Canada, and currently work on mainly academic and personal projects.

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